What We Offer

PLATONIC ACADEMY is an independent tutoring institution, that caters for Grade 10/11 (NSSCO & IGCSE) and 12 AS/A-level, Mathematics & Science learners.

We are a passion-driven academy with a strong focus and advocacy to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and TRANSFORM the learner's holistic capacity.

Safety First

Our premises are fully enclosed, situated at a safe and secure location.

Certified Teachers

Having highly qualified teachers is one of our uncompromised policies.

Regular Lessons

Our Academy emphasizes habit formation and schedule synchronicity.

Learner Support

Our support includes a wide range of academic and other related activities.

Sufficient Space

We enable learners to feel relaxed and at liberty inside spacious classrooms.

Online Lessons

Our online offering extends our services nationwide and makes us accessible.

About Us

PLATONIC ACADEMY is firmly vested in PLATO’s EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHIES. Plato believed that we need the EDUCATION to learn how to live well. Thus, we should solely not focus on how well we can solve equations in MATHEMATICS and understand the laws of SCIENCE, but inspire aspects of how to be BRAVE, RATIONAL, and MODERATE individuals. Hence, live a fulfilled life in which we strive to stimulate serene and educated young people to benefit our society.

TEAM PLATONIC is spearheaded by PASSION DRIVEN teachers, who continually strive to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and TRANSFORM the learner's holistic way of thinking.


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We mainly cater to Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners that are enrolled for both the Namibian and Cambrigde International Curriculum at any Examination Institution


We are specialised in the following subjects: MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS


For more enquiries or additional information please feel free to contact us via email.